Trendy 2009 Hairstyles To Consider

1. Bob Cuts – A classic bob cut droop uniformly around jaw length where as a graduated bob hangs at a direction, with the frontage hair extensive than the nape. Bob cuts looks great for many women and can be modified without any problems to accentuate a woman’s features. Also they can be trimmed without bangs, with long and side-swept bangs.

2. Page Boys – A page boy is basically a longer bob cut. It hangs under the chin and tops of the shoulders. A page boy is an everlasting hairstyle for women in any age and looks mainly elegant on older women. The bottoms can be rounded and curled or flipped up.

3. Spiky Cuts ? Most of the older women choose for a funky, short spike cut. These cuts are easy to maintain and looks well for vigorous women.

4. Crop Cuts – Short crop haircuts with multiple layers are one more great selection for women. A plump, fresh look can be attained with razor cuts or fairy cut.

5. Long Hair ? Previously most of the older women were disheartened from having long hair. While shorter haircuts often hide some general troubles, it is perfectly satisfactory to wear hair long as well.

Before going for any new style you can follow different hair magazines, search various websites through internet.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the biggest raves among females. Stars in Hollywood have hair extensions to the point it has become a part of the female celebrity. Hair extensions gives a woman options when it comes to her hair. This article will focus on the different aspects of hair extensions. It will look at what hair extensions really are and will also delve into the different types of methods to attach hair extensions; Clip-in and Fusion.

To start you have to understand what hair extensions are. Hair extensions are strips of real human hair. The strips of hair come in a package and they can be attached via different methods. Some people sew it in, some glue and some use methods such as fusion or Clip-in. Since hair extensions are made from human hair it can be styled like real hair. That means you can wash it, style it , curl it or do any other style that is possible. Hair extensions can last up to 6 months to a year, depending on the type of hair that you receive.

One way of getting hair extensions is by using a method called clip in. Clip-in hair extensions is a very simple process as all you have to do is clip the hair to your head. If you follow the fitting instructions, it should just take a few mintues before you have brand new lengthy hair. The Clip in hair extensions are very easy to maintain. Many come with a free maintenance product or spritz. With this all you have to do is spray it one after each time you wear the hair. Many women often ask if people can tell if they are wearing clip-in hair extensions. The beauty of this product is that no one will be able to tell if it is your real hair or not.

Another method of putting in hair extensions is by using a method called fusion. Fusion hair extensions work by attaching the hair by a method using cold or hot fusion. Hot fusion works by using glue and heating it and attaching the fake hair to the real hair. Cold fusion works by using a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the root. More people opt for the cold fusion as it makes the hair feel more natural. Using fusion to attach hair extensions is a popular trend, the hair can also last up to 6 months if treated properly.

Hair extensions are here to stay. Women will always want to use fake hair to ensure that their beauty is maintained. Using these extensions is another way that they achieve this. While it is very popular, there are still different ways to attach the hair. The hair can be attached either as a Clip-in or through fusion. In the end extensions make a woman look good.

The Wide World Of Gemstones

Most people know the world of gemstones as comprised of precious gems and semi-precious gems. The precious gems include diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald; and semi-precious gems includes the more common stones such as amethyst, topaz and garnet. But the world of gems is much richer than this simplified picture.

There are actually more than 100 different varieties of gemstones. Many are rare and exotic, but the internet has made it possible to find gem dealers who trade in many rare varieties.

What’s behind the growing interest in rare and exotic gems? It is not just gemstone collectors who are looking for the rare and unusual. Jewelry designers are discovering new colors and textures to incorporate in their designs, and consumers are eager for information about the lesser-known stones. Miners now understand there is a market for these stones, and material that was once ignored is now carefully collected and graded.

Some of the new gem types are not exactly new. Some, like prehnite, apatite and sphene, have been known for years, but haven’t been used much in jewelry because they were too soft. But jewelry designers have realized these stones are actually more durable than perennial favorites like opal, and when properly set in earrings or pendants they will last for many years.

Other gems in the lesser-known category are actually very durable and are suitable even for rings. Many of them — such as chrysoprase, dendritic agate, rutilated quartz and fire agate — are members of the quartz family and have very good hardness and no cleavage.

Many of the lesser-known gems are relatively inexpensive. That makes them economically attractive for jewelry designers. But like so many gemstones, supplies are variable and uncertain. You will not find every different kind of gemstone available in the market at any given time. The precious gems can always be found, but many semi-precious stones, such as demantoid garnet and alexandrite, are actually rarer than diamond or ruby.

Ghd Iv Styler Set

GHD also known as ?good hair day,? has revolutionized the world of women who are facing the problem of troubled hair and are desperately looking for a permanent solution. This particular hair straightening company has provided quality hair fixing solutions in a short period of time.

So far, GHD has launched a wide variety of hair straighteners that are capable of serving the interests of women who love to try different looks for their hair. As an addition in the category, GHD MK4 styler is known for its quality solutions without hurting the natural texture and luster of the hair.

GHD MK4: Enhancing the Look of the Hair
If you compare the appearance of the MK4 model with other MK range of GHD hair products, you?ll realize that benefits quite easily. The all new GHD MK4 hair straighteners are extra sleek in design. They can perform well and come with advanced features that are targeted to provide better and desirable results within no time! If you are very experimental type of a person, owning a good GHD MK4 styler would be really great. Experiment with your hair and create some mind blowing hair patterns to look like a real diva!

Basic features of the GHD IV Styler:

– The new Ghd iv styler has deeply spring ceramic plates that heat up even faster.

– An audible beep is attached with the styler as when the iron becomes hot and ready to use, the beep can alert the user automatically.

– The styler has a longer and durable cable, reflecting better design to ensure minimum or no damage while styling of the hair.

-The styler has an auto-adjusting voltage that makes it suitable for anywhere use.

– GHD IV styler has a feature called automatic shut off and a shiver feature that can prevent any kind of damage and leads to better hair styling.

Are You A Collector Of Perfume Bottles ?

Perfume and perfume bottles are huge collector’s items. Well, not so much the perfume because eventually it will go bad. It may take a long time but you do not want a hundred year old vintage bottle of perfume sitting on your display shelf, just in case it were to tip over.

The smell may not be one of roses and lilies of the valley. But it is the bottles that command so much attention. Take for example a recent auction in which a 1930’s Mickey Mouse perfume bottle sold for over eight hundred dollars. Other rare bottles can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than that!

The earliest perfume bottles can be traced back to the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. These early civilizations used clay to make vessels to hold their cosmetics, essential oils and the perfume with which they anointed their bodies.

Excavators have uncovered the remains of these bottles in tombs and pyramids of the pharaohs showing their importance in the day to day lives of these exalted leaders. Obviously smelling good was of great importance. As far as monetary value goes, these bottles would be considered priceless.

The glass and ceramic eau de parfum bottles came to us from the Greeks and Romans during their reign. But the real collectible beauties came about in the 16th and 17th century, courtesy of the Venetians and their colorful glass. These pretty baubles are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are lucky enough to see and touch one in person, then you have definitely hit a milestone in collecting. A damaged or cracked bottle may sell for over five hundred thousand dollars and a mint condition bottle could easily double that if it is signed by the maker and is rare.

That brings us to a good point. The value of a perfume bottle is determined by demand. If you are not a collector, then paying one hundred dollars for one is going to seem like ninety-nine dollars too much. The value is in the desirability of the object. If you are a collector of perfume bottles, then you need to take a look at the condition of the bottle and pay attention to any damages or cracks.

Look for any type of identification to help you date when it was created. Hand manufactured bottles are obviously more collectible than modern day reproductions. Above all else, remember that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Louis Vuitton Utah Collection

Besides, Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Collection, here comes another one for men. I think Louis Vuitton Utah Collection is manly as soon as I saw it. Maybe Louis Vuitton wants us to know they aren?t just for stylish women. Yes, it?s a masculine style of Louis Vuitton without Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas pattern. Aimed at the gentleman?s market, the collection reveals a variety of contemporary bags for any age of men. These bags feature supple, slightly unstructured leather which leads them a vintage appeal. Most of them guarantee great capacity, that?s perfectly fit the personality of men.

Put your eyes on our splendid collection of fake designer handbags. Pick stylish Louis Vuitton Utah bags, action now! Then you can improve your gentleman?s lifestyle a bit more.

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Luminescence In A Diamond

There are many factors that influence the color appearance of colorless to faint yellow diamonds. The overall look of a polished diamond?s color may be due to the results of a combining factors like shape, size, cutting proportions, body color, and the position and the light in which it is viewed. On being exposed to Ultra Violet radiations, certain diamonds may emit fluorescence due to the presence of submicroscopic structures in diamonds. There may be various colors of fluorescence in diamond, but blue is the most common. The response of a diamond under a UV lamp is an identifying characteristic on quality grading reports. Other light sources such as fluorescent tubes or even sunlight also contain a varying amount of UV radiation.

Fluorescence is nothing but emission of light by a material such as diamond when it is stimulated by higher-energy X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, or other forms of radiation. It would continue only as long as the material is exposed to the radiation. Depending on the viewing conditions and the observer?s visual perception, the reaction of a diamond to long-wave ultraviolet radiation may vary both in hue and strength. Both colorless and colored diamonds can fluoresce several hues, most commonly blue, yellow, orange, and white. Some blue diamond may fluoresce red to short-wave UV whereas others like pink may fluoresce bright orange. These differences may arise either from trace impurities (mainly nitrogen and boron, possibly hydrogen) or from other submicroscopic defects in the diamond crystal structure.

Although yellow fluorescence is also a concern, but the study to diamonds with blue fluorescence was based on the preponderance of such diamonds and the difficulty of finding sufficient number of yellow-fluorescent stones to conduct a parallel study. Diamonds with extremely strong blue fluorescence and a distinctive oily or hazy appearance, often referred to as ?overblues?. However, they are even rarer than diamonds with yellow fluorescence.

In appearance environments, there is less attempt to control the observation variables that can affect the diamond?s color appearance. Typical situations would include: informal color grading of D-to-Z diamonds; observations of color appearance made at the time a diamond is bought or sold; and, for the jewelry-buying public, how a diamond might appear when worn in jewelry. Here, the diamond is viewed tableup through the crown facets, where the cutting style has more influence on the perceived color. The effect of fluorescence on color is most noticeable in lower colors, although in the market place the influence on price is greater in the higher colors. Unlike the notion held by many in trade, fluorescent diamonds are not as prevalent as nonfluorescent stones. The present study also challenges the trade perception that fluorescence usually has a negative effect on better colored diamonds.

Sunglasses: Wear You Attitude, The Stylish Way

~ Do you feel left out in the fast changing world?
~ Do you want to look trendy and want to know what is truly in?

Your best option and most natural choice would of course be sunglasses. They are the best option available to protect your eyes from the harmful radiations and pollutants. Sunglasses are popularly known as safety glasses or goggles. Sunglasses can not only be worn for style. They present the extra benefit by shielding and protecting the eyes from any unforeseen and unfortunate accident. Changing trends and fashion have made sunglasses an important part of any fashion statement.

Sunglasses are available both in the plain, clear versions of yesterday and today’s high-performance UV eye protection types. Anyone can find sunglasses available in different styles, designs, colors and shapes matching and enhancing eve a dull and mundane personality. People love to wear sunglasses at any and every possible time and place.

Sunglasses are best in their role of eye protection wear. They also come with anti fog features. Most of the extreme weather sunglasses are structured of two layers of lenses. This prevents the sunglasses from becoming ?foggy?. Thanks to this feature sunglasses provide a clear vision and perfect acuity at any time of the day. People using and designing sunglasses have noticed that in the sunglasses having only a single lens on the interior, water vapor condenses onto it.

This makes the interior lens hot and exterior cold. Such a phenomenon can lead to various eye problems. As a result of research and development in the field of sunglasses design, one can find that majority of sunglasses are now made up of dual-layer lenses. This improved design renders a perfect style and trend which is blended with a flawless acuity thus providing a complete protection. The best place to hunt for available at competitive prices and wide design range is online as you can find numerous companies showcasing sunglasses along with exquisite features and benefits.

Just like making any other purchase decision, it?s a good idea to do an extensive market research deciding about a particular brand and make of sunglasses. This must be done to ensure that you do not buy cheap quality sunglasses which can adversely affect your eyes and may cause permanent damage to your eyes. Purchase sunglasses while keeping in mind that you are buying them not only for style but also for comfort, pointed acuity and complete eye protection.

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Replica Breitling Watches, Don’t Forget It

When you take a look at the magnificent range of replicas on sale, you are bound to be astounded by the sheer brilliance of the collection. One of the widest ranges of Breitling replica watches are available right here?Watchcopiez, and are undoubtedly the most loyalty inspiring brands in the world. When someone buys Breitling replica watches and gets used to it, he gets used to it for life! It is extremely difficult to get a person wearing a Breitling replica to move out of the brand and shift to something else.

The reason is simple. Breitling replica watches have a spectacular personality and they exude confidence, charm and manliness. Take for instance the Breitling Chrono-Matic replica watch. Made as a full Swiss chrono, this watch comes with the latest 7750 dial and a fully functional chronograph movement. The Brown leather strap adds a different kind of royal look to the wrist watch, and the fixed bezel comes with a superbly engraved tachymeter scale. The full stainless steel case comes in a very high grade of steel – 440 grade, and even the full quick change date works perfectly. We are of the firm opinion that a replica watch need not look fake.

When you look at the watch, you will not believe that this one is a replica! When you put the original and the replica next to each other, unless you are an experienced watch expert, you will not be able to tell which one is the replica Breitling and which one’s the original!

Another specialty that not a lot of people know that the super brand Breitling has a range of a lot models available, for example, The largest selling, Breitling Airwolf replica. If you thought that all Breitling replica watches are the same steel and black time pieces, think again.

The replica Breitling Bentley comes in the same blazing yellow that the car comes in! Made with a black leather strap, steel bezel and twin chronograph dials on the watch face, which incidentally is bright yellow in color, this is one watch that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go! When you are at it, look at the dozens of models on display, and you will find some of the best watches in the whole world!

A Glimpse On The History Of Hair Straightener

The different hair straightener that is available in the market today has a different and interesting history behind. The evolution of this hair straightening devices over the years from the heating irons to the present day straighteners is highly interesting. Today we take for granted our hair straightener but it is sure to create goose bumps after knowing what ladies had to do years ago to keep their hair straight. Earlier it was done so easily and often there had been a case of burnt scalp and fried hair.

Iron that we use to iron clothes was used earlier to straighten hair which is contrary to belief. There were also other quite a few methods of hair straightening, earlier that involved abrasive chemicals that were incredibly harmful to the scalp and hair both. But today, it is still possible to chemically straighten the hair, which is considered better that what was found in the past. But with the advent of modern hair straightening implements, the process of hair straightening has become easy and it is really not necessary to go to such an extreme. With this new hair straightening tools there is no commitment, no need to apply potentially harmful chemicals to your scalp every few months to keep your hair permanently straight and also that there is minimal possibility of damage to your hair.

Looking few years back the evolution of hair straightener started with the straightening comb. There is some confusion with the actual inventor of hair straightener but it is true that Madam C.J Walker in the early 1900s who made a record as America?s first black woman millionaire to make fortune with the invention of hair care products specifically tailored to black women popularized the use of hair straightener among the black women. That which we are thinking as a modern invention is actually a modification of an old invention by adding modern technology. Through time there had been many methods devised to curl hair and to keep the curl in place and people who are said to bring in the revolution in the world of fashion were- Charles L. Nessler, a German hairdresser, Eugene Sutter, Gaston Boudou who brought little modification to Sutter?s work, Rambaud, a Paris beautician, who had perfected a system of curling and drying permed hair for softer, looser curls by using an electric hot-air dryer, French chemist Eugene Schueller of L’Or?al laboratories who combined the action of thioglycolic acid with hydrogen peroxide to produce the first cold permanent wave and many more.

So there was gradual shifting from one hair styling tools to more advanced implements and in the mist of time the original inventor got overlooked. However the credit for the straightening hair still goes to the French hairdresser, Marcel Grateau, of late 19th century, who invented the curling iron, the permanent wave and later the Gillette safety razor. It could be seen that curling iron has remained a favored tool from the beginning and with time we have traveled a long distance and left behind the use of metal rods that were too risky as they were heated by inserting into hot coals or heating on gas or electric stoves and had no temperature control. So was then several accidents like burnt scalp, damage hair and burnt fingers. Modern day hair straighteners have more control and flexibility and are safe to use. Manufacturers have not stopped themselves from updating their product. In the near future we will come across different implement with different hi-tech features making our work easier than ever.